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Wednesday, March 26

My latest video: ✔ My favorite iPad keyboards & stands - Productive!Show #67

✔ My favorite iPad keyboards... screenshot

Folks keep asking me about my keyboards and stands for the iPad. Here they are :-)

Tuesday, March 18

My plan for this year, and yours? ✔ 2013 was great and for 2014 I intend to keep running in biz & life :-)

✔ 2013 was great and for 201... screenshot

I posted this a while ago but it's still relevant. An update after 2 months: I did lose more than 10 lbs so everything looks pretty promising :-)

Tuesday, March 18

Cool backstage story: Inside The Facebook-WhatsApp Megadeal: The Courtship, The Secret Meetings, The $19 Billion Poker Game

Inside The Facebook-WhatsApp M... screenshot

This is how really huge deals get done... Good to know :-)

Tuesday, March 18

Finally: Tesla eyes Europe with major Supercharger network expansion

Tesla eyes Europe with major S... screenshot

In a few years it might actually make sense to get a Tesla over here instead of a traditional car... Hm...

Tuesday, March 18

Love reading reviews like these: Nozbe: Effective Productivity

Nozbe: Effective Productivity ... screenshot

In a nutshell:

Nozbe is very simple to use and appears to be extremely robust and bug-free. No button or feature sticks out or gets in the way of me being more productive.

Tuesday, March 18

Great story (apple-like) of my favorite bricks: Unpacking Lego

Schumpeter: Unpacking Lego | T...

I still have Lego at home and my daughters play with it as well. Great to hear they're doing great.

Saturday, March 8

In case you missed it: ✔ Productive! Magazine going regular, global and local

✔ Productive! Magazine going... screenshot

We're converting Productive! Magazine into a global franchise with magazines in different languages! Now, that's really exciting. We just launched in Polish, Japanese and this month in Spanish... And we're just getting started! Get your issue today: Productive! Magazine

Thursday, March 6

My recent #video, what do you think? ✔ Why you should get a whiteboard? - Productive!Show #65

✔ Why you should get a white... screenshot

I'm back with recording Productive! Show and last week I talked about my whiteboard. I really love it, and my daughter loves it as well. It's fantastic for brainstorming.

Thursday, March 6

I use it every day and totally agree, do you? WhatsApp is Different

WhatsApp is Different | Om Mal... screenshot

What's really crazy is that really mobile is the rocket fuel for growth. That's why making Nozbe 2.0 mobile-first is the must-be obvious choice. We're working hard on it and it's going to be amazing. We're disrupting our app, but in a good way :-)

Anyway, in Spain they already forgot that SMS exists. They just Whatsapp each other. It's amazing how quickly it became a phenomenon. My father-in law got a smartphone just to have Whatsapp. :-)

Thursday, March 6

Cool tip by @nozbe's product manager: how to email a comment to a task (with video)

Advanced Nozbe tip: how to ema... screenshot

Many Nozbe customers have been asking for it... but we finally implemented it when our own Customer Support department begged for it. So here goes, add a #task: parameter and you'll be able to append a comment to a task you want directly from email.

Thursday, March 6

Great article by @gassee: The Apple Tesla Connection: Fun and Reason With Numbers

The Apple Tesla Connection: Fu... screenshot

I think JLG is right and they'll work on the batteries together, but I'd love it if they worked closer and built an iCar, I wrote all about it on my blog yesterday

Wednesday, March 5

Very cool integration of iPhone in the car: Volvo and Apple CarPlay

Volvo and Apple CarPlay - YouT... screenshot

The other producers (Ferrari and Mercedes) did it strangely, but Volvo nailed it. Very cool integration. I'd love to have it in my car but I'm not planning on getting a Volvo anytime soon.

Anyway, cool thing in the light of my last article: Apple should buy Tesla and build an iCar

Wednesday, March 5

Do you agree? My post: ✔ Apple's next big thing? iCar. Why Apple buying Tesla actually makes sense.

✔ Apple's next big thing? iC... screenshot

I know this is more fiction than science, but when I thought about it I realized this might make sense for Apple and for us - customers. Read my whole argument and let me know what you think :-)

Friday, February 14

Great post by our talented guy: @radexp: A little book

A little book • screenshot

So grateful and privileged of being able to work with Radziu together. I totally agree that this little book changed his life forever. It's an amazing coincidence and fate at the same time. Here's to more years working together and changing the world!

Tuesday, February 11

Bold move by @37signals. Totally understood. Two big announcements.

Two big announcements. screenshot

So here's the second big announcement: We're changing our name. 37signals is now Basecamp. "37signals" goes into the history books. From now on, we are Basecamp. Basecamp the company, Basecamp the product. We're one and the same.

I didn't change my company name to Nozbe just yet, but will soon. My old company's web site has been shut down already - the name change will follow soon.